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Our reports contain valuable tools for hospital leaders.

Comprehensive, robust data reports on inpatient and outpatient statistics and utilization rates from HIDI guide hospital leaders in making informed decisions about strategic planning and marketing, finance, performance and quality improvement. With these reports, hospital leaders can design strategies to best allocate resources for future growth opportunities.

Our reports allow you to perform further analyses to suit your needs.

Because all of HIDI's reports are available in an electronic format, users can view individual reports and print selected pages or entire documents. Selected reports allow users to load data into Microsoft Excel, Access or database software for easy analysis.

HIDI serves as a resource to MHA.

As MHA's data company, HIDI provides data analysis and support for various MHA projects, including performance benchmark reports developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. HIDI also automatically transfers available data elements used for quality core measure reporting to QualityWorks®, a Web-based performance measurement system software and patient safety data collection tool from MHA Management Services Corporation.

For more information on report availability, see below or e-mail HIDI's Reporting Staff

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