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Since 1985, HIDI has provided timely access to data and information services for hospitals to support their strategic planning, advocacy and health policy initiatives. A not-for-profit organization founded by the Missouri Hospital Association, HIDI understands your state hospital association's commitment in providing excellent service to your members. Through HIDI, your association can continue to serve member hospitals' increasing needs for high-quality data sources through HIDI's data collection, analysis and dissemination.

We understand your association's needs to provide comprehensive data services for your members.

Through partnerships with state associations, HIDI continues to build on its expertise in data collection and reporting services as staff shares its knowledge and best practices with colleagues. This arrangement allows HIDI to work as your silent partner as it designs and implements customized reports to meet your organization's unique needs. A partnership with HIDI allows you to focus on your core competencies. Let HIDI's experts maximize your data investment.

These state hospital associations use HIDI for their reporting services.

Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association
Arkansas Hospital Association
Georgia Hospital Association
Illinois Hospital Association
Kansas Hospital Association
Missouri Hospital Association
North Carolina Hospital Association
Oklahoma Hospital Association
Tennessee Hospital Association
Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association
Washington State Hospital Association
West Virginia Hospital Association
Wyoming Hospital Association

Trust HIDI to work with your association in developing comprehensive data reports to meet your member hospitals' unique needs.

Our solid reputation means stellar results for your organization.

HIDI is a premier health data organization whose mission focuses on providing access to secure, timely and quality health care data for its clients. Hospitals, health systems and state hospital associations use our data to add value to their respective operations. Comprehensive and robust analytic reports on inpatient and outpatient statistics and utilization rates from HIDI guide hospital leaders in making informed decisions about strategic planning and marketing, finance, performance and quality improvement.

Our services range from simple client access and reporting to for-profit services that are supported transparently by HIDI. Our expertise in data collection and reporting offers a turn-key approach in implementing your data needs. 

A partnership with HIDI is a wise investment for your data needs.

HIDI is the trusted source in providing secure, timely and quality health care data for hospitals. Our priority is to provide exceptional data services to support and enhance your organization's growing needs.



"Working with HIDI has been very pleasant and cost-effective for our members. HIDI is focused on providing services and benefits to their hospital members, and they pass that same focus on to all the states working with them." - Tennessee Hospital Association

"HIDI helped us implement our plans to increase the value and usefulness of our data program. They have expanded our outpatient database to include more types of hospital services and have created additional data edits and audits to continually improve the accuracy and completeness of our databases." - Georgia Hospital Association

"HIDI has enhanced our hospitals' ability to analyze inpatient data. Through HIDI Online, staff can drilldown on combinations of variables to create reports on planning and market research. Because of this resource, our member hospitals have a better grasp of trends and patient volumes in their service areas." - Kansas Hospital Association

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