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Discharge Data
HIDI's hospital discharge data collection program is the cornerstone for HIDI's inpatient and outpatient reporting.  Participating hospitals submit data through a secure, Web-based tool. HIDI data submission tools ensure accurate, high-quality data meets your reporting needs. Learn more about how HIDI's discharge data reports help hospitals grow their market share, benchmark quality and more.

Nonresident Discharge Data
HIDI manages and participates in a nonresident discharge database exchange with other hospital associations throughout the United States. Hospital associations can participate in a cooperative contractual arrangement with participating states to exchange inpatient discharge data for residents from other states who were treated in their hospitals. This information helps to provide a complete picture of care provided to each state’s residents. The information is clearly identified in reports and data files by state name.

Annual Licensing Survey Data Collection
The “Annual Licensing Survey of Missouri Hospitals” is distributed to Missouri hospitals in the early spring. The survey is a combined effort of MHA, the American Hospital Association and the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. Completion of the survey is required by the DHSS for hospital licensure in Missouri. Most state and federal hospitals participate in the annual survey, even though they are not licensed by DHSS. Data from the annual survey are used to create a seven-year trends profile on hospital margins and other key statistics.

Monthly Utilization Report Data Collection
The monthly utilization report provides information on hospitals’ utilization by specialty area, general payer classification and emergency department and outpatient services. Survey data are submitted to HIDI electronically by the 25th of the month following the reporting month. The MUR is posted online 10 days later, giving the most current picture of health care utilization available in the state. MUR data are available to HIDI users within 48 hours of the electronic report.

Management and Productivity Data Collection
Management and productivity reports are produced quarterly based on data submitted by participating hospitals. These reports provide information to allow participating hospitals to benchmark their hospital to standard and custom peer groups.

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